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Tired of manually tracking and entering your trades?

Pika automates your day trading by providing you with all the right tools on a single platform.

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Pika develops customized algorithms for you to deploy. This includes backtesting and API integration with Alpaca, IB, TD Ameritrade

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Pika's Machine Learning based forecasts and trend detection propose new investment ideas for your consideration.

Off-the-Shelf Strategy

Pika has developed a powerful market neutral trading strategy designed to profit from virtually any market conditions: uptrend, downtrend, or sideways movement. While pairs trading is traditionally used as a long/short strategy, Pika executes two simultaneous trades: one long and one short. It does this by intelligently rebalancing its core Long and Short positions so that risks are minimized while profits are maximized. As a result, Pika demonstrates excellent performance across all markets.

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We strive to make algorithmic trading more accessible for individual traders. 

​Pika helps day traders develop machine learning models and automate execution.

Having a forecasting model as a separate feature can provide last mile optimization and give traders the optimal time when to make a trade. 



All algorithms are tailored to your requirement without a single line of code

Hosted on the cloud

Google Cloud offers durable storage s and real-time message delivery  for instant trade execution with consistent performance at scale. Increasing your profitability


We provide a user-friendly interface where you can track and manage your algorithms based on their performance.


We go a step further and include ML Engine Forecasting to increase algorithms performance based on historical data


Our objective is to place money bets after thoroughly validating the performance of the algorithm by testing it on historical market data


We implement fail-safe measures to safeguard against any adverse scenarios


Pika is a subsidiary business of Percolata Corporation. Backed by leading investors including Amasia, Andreessen Horowitz, Menlo Ventures, Foundation Capital, Google Ventures, Percolata is a Silicon Valley-based company offering advanced business analytics for mid-sized and global enterprises.

Established in the COVID-19 pandemic, Pika leverages Percolata’s machine learning expertise to bring a win-win business for day traders.

Pika is originally a small mammal found in Asia and America. Small but tough, pikas do not hibernate and can survive harsh weather. We relate our team characters in those of pikas.



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  • After the development of the algorithm, customers can test their algorithms through backtests and paper trades, ensuring constant returns before deploying the algorithm to the live market. 

  • To cover Cloud expenses, Pika will charge customers for their usage. The cost is directly correlated to the number of used cloud processing hours and will be on a Pay as you go basis. Thus, if a customer is not using the platform at all, then they will not be charged any fees. 

Cloud Cost

Consumption based


  • Analyzing the trading strategy laid out and hardcoding it to fit the customer’s requirements.

  • Pika develops and backtests the algorithm and provides free consulting on trading strategy and coding method.

  • Clients are charged at a discounted hourly rate as a welcome gift for Pika’s onboarding customers.



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